Terra Sculpture: Featured Artists

The artistic team of Jennifer Gilbert Asher and Mario Lopez bring together two very diverse and unlikely backgrounds. Together, they create stunning abstract, contemporary works distinguished in their minimalism and simplicity.

Jennifer Gilbert Asher studied landscape architecture after a 12-year career as a documentary producer. Her travels exposed her to extraordinary architecture, art and landscapes throughout the world. As a landscape designer, she spent years using nature as her palette, creating sculpture in the form of a garden. Today, her contemporary metal sculpture explores the bold impact of shape, texture and color within organic surroundings. Jennifer was raised in San Francisco and is a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Mario Lopez, a trained architect in his native Guadalajara, is an accomplished metal artist. As a young man, he developed a curiousity for the relationship between architecture, art and the environment. After graduating from the University Centre of Art, Architecture and Design (Centro Universitario de Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño), he soon began to explore the use of metal as an art form.