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Found In Translation

Found in translation

One of the many benefits of having a home base in Southern California is access to endless galleries and museums like The Broad, The Getty Center, The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hammer Museum and Hauser + Wirth Gallery all of which can always be counted upon to provide inspiration for our own sculpture work. We were particularly excited by […]

Closer - Special Commission Art Sculpture | TerraSculpture

Special commissions

Light, texture, scale, surface, material, movement, design, color.  Each one of these elements play a particular role in the effect and impact of modern abstract sculpture. Our reaction to sculpture is inextricably connected to our emotional response and experience.  Occasionally, a client will inquire if we are open to modifying the color or changing the metal material of one of our […]

Elevating The Environment With Modern Abstract Sculpture

Elevating the environment with modern abstract sculpture

As we wrote in previous blog post, placing a single work of compelling sculpture in the landscape (or any space) can completely alter the environment and elevate the experience. We always welcome the opportunity to create large-scaled works, especially when the sculpture will be placed in a setting where it will be enjoyed by many. Last year, we were thrilled […]

Estrella Final Product Shot

Wall sculpture: a conversation between art and space

by Elizabeth Stilwell for Terra Sculpture In response to the many requests of our collectors and clients, Terra Sculpture is thrilled to announce our debut collection of modern abstract wall sculpture. These compelling and energetic pieces are created to transform both exterior and interior environments. “All of the wall sculptures are intended to create a conversation between art and space,” says […]

Modern Asbtract Sculpture Terra Sculpture Beverly Hills

This is your brain….on art

We recently explored the therapeutic benefits of healing gardens and nature’s impact on physical well being. But what about the importance of experiencing art, more specifically, abstract art? Why are we drawn to abstract art? What effect does it have on our brain and psyche?  Some people believe that experiencing abstract or contemporary art gives our brains a type of […]

Newbridge Healing Gardens

The healing power of nature (+art)

Sacred spaces have long been a part of human history. Within our modern plugged in society, we tend to overlook the connection between nature and well-being. Hospitals assume the vital task of ministering to us when we are sick or hurt and these institutions are increasingly aware of the important role nature plays in the healing process. Many of them […]

Egress Main

New sculptures for a new year

It’s hard to believe that we are already firmly planted in 2015!  We’ve been very busy at the Terra Sculpture studio, excited to debut four new landscape sculptures to our collection. But as quickly as the new year has snuck up on us, these new pieces have been a long time in the making. In his book “The Elements of Sculpture”  Herbert […]

Principles Of Placing Art In The Garden

Principles of placing art in the garden

Outdoor sculpture adds dimension, visual interest, surprise, color and movement to both interior and exterior spaces. Ask any of our collectors if their outdoor environment was greatly altered by the presence of a sculpture and their answer would be a resounding YES.  With so much at stake, deciding where to place art within a courtyard, garden, or expansive outdoor space […]

Modern Outdoor Sculpture Gallery Terrasculpture Embrace Stainless Steel Sculpture E

The power of a sculpture garden

What happens when you visit a public or private sculpture garden or an expanse of land that has art on view in an outdoor setting? Does the visitor have to work harder to enjoy or experience the art when the setting is natural? Does the sculpture interact with the surrounding natural environment to create a new, transformative experience? For some, […]

Living In A Work Of Modern Art

Living in a work of modern art

Being a California-based sculpture and design studio we are constantly surrounded by mid century modernism and its influences. Many of our sculptures are placed in treasured buildings from this nostalgic era—where connecting the indoor space to the outdoor environment creates a certain harmony throughout the home.  When we received an inquiry for a commission of our three-ringed, stainless steel modernist sculpture […]