On any given day in our studio, you might find us designing, shearing, bending or welding our limited edition modern abstract steel sculpture or sculptural trellises for TerraTrellis.  We are often asked by private collectors, landscape architects and interior designers to create large scale versions of our limited edition sculpture or sometimes we are asked to use a different type of metal.  Below are some studio and site photos of commissioned sculptures not seen on our website. And some behind-the-scenes of us at work, as we imagine and craft our modern abstract sculpture for public and private spaces.

Sisters stainless steel modern abstract sculpture outdoor

The three ringed Sisters is one of our limited edition sculptures.  This piece was customized with a stainless steel barrel as a base for a client in Washington D.C.


Flight Stainless Steel Modern Abstract Outdoor Sculpture E

Closer stainless steel modern abstract sculpture outdoor

Our Washington D.C. client commissioned a version of Closer, scaled up and in solid stainless steel instead of the limited edition powdercoated version.


Jennifer Asher studio steel modern abstract sculpture outdoor Kismet 10 ft.

Terra Sculpture artist Jennifer Gilbert Asher works in the studio on a 10 foot version of Kismet sculpture for a client in northern California.


TerraSculpture Commission Koi courtyard

Time On Earth as it was installed. We were commissioned to design and create a sculpture worthy of these 18-yr-old prized Koi for a client in the Loz Feliz area of Los Angeles.


Jennifer Gilbert Asher maquette studio steel modern abstract sculpture outdoor.

Artist Jennifer Gilbert Asher works on a wood maquette in the studio before it is ultimately crafted out of steel.