egress sculpture

It’s hard to believe that we are already firmly planted in 2015!  We’ve been very busy at the Terra Sculpture studio, excited to debut four new landscape sculptures to our collection. But as quickly as the new year has snuck up on us, these new pieces have been a long time in the making.

In his book “The Elements of Sculpture”  Herbert George writes that sculpture has 14 elements. Elements such as material and scale are obvious (think marble or metal and grand or diminutive), while others such as memory are subtle, like a secret shared between artist and form. Some sculpture is a literal representation of an object or event, while other sculpture merely hints at the ephemeral.

Joy Modern Metal Garden Sculpture By Terra Sculpture

Joy Modern Metal Garden Sculpture By Terra Sculpture

Sculpture ideas can ruminate over long stretches of time and contemplation. Sometimes a memory plays a dominant role in the initial design, and sometimes the memory doesn’t surface until the sculpture is complete with the memory finally revealing itself like a reflection from an earlier place and time.

Our sculpture Leap was inspired by a modern balletic move in an elegant Martha Graham dance performance. Embrace was informed by a memorable kiss. Ephemeral events also play a role in the four new sculptures we recently debuted.

Joy was informed by a childhood memory of first signs of spring: seeing fresh growth on crocus bulbs bravely pushing through lingering winter’s snow. It was also partly inspired by a piece we created for a farm commission in Wisconsin.

Gravity Sculpture

Fascinated by space exploration, Gravity was inspired by the power, shock and wonder of a rocket launch.  Breaking free from confinement, is what came to mind when Egress was conceptualized. The form forces the eye up, freeing the mind and spirit from the mid-line cross section. Three distinct shards of form take flight, pointing away from the earth upwards to the sky.


Figure, stainless steel, 2015

The female human form was the inspiration for Figure. This memory was from a transformative moment, drawing a female nude while studying life drawing in Italy.

All of our work is intended to create a form of dynamic tension in the environment.  We hope that you come away with your own interpretation, drawing from your own experiences and memories.